Federico Goroztieta – Lego


For the past 25 years, Federico Goroztieta has led a dynamic leadership career as an Executive Consultant to diverse institutions and/or corporations to optimize performance; drive; revenue; growth, and strengthen their competitive market position. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, holds Executives Certificates in Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Sales and Commercial Diplomacy. Federico has a background in utilizing technology to facilitate national and international economies; holding a variety of managerial and directorial positions in Science and Technology sectors such as Civil Engineering, Information and Communications, Applied Innovation, Production process Optimization, among others. An entrepreneur, expert in client relationship management, traditional and emerging sales channels/techniques, and high level project management target oriented, possessing a successful experience identifying emerging opportunities in diverse sectors, industries and markets. He is a professional who can be distinguished as a perceptive negotiator focused on principals strengthening and customer service, along with problem solving and team building skills. Federico is one of the founders and partners at Derivative. Solutions and a Certified LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator.